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High quality food preservation at a dramatically reduced price

TOMIN is an innovative new type liquid freezer !
It uses ethanol solution as the refrigerant, which enables to freeze food very quickly. Our freezing method takes 1/20 as much time as the conventional vapor cooling methods do !

One of the most advantageous points is that it prevents food from getting damaged at the cellular level during its super-quick freezing process. Undamaged frozen food can be stored longer and kept as fresh as fresh as it was when unfrozen. No taste change and no nutrition change. How to defrost is quite simple. Just do it as you usually do !

Additionally TOMIN is energy effective and its size is relatively small. This factor helps you to reduce the total production costs by 1/3 ! Your people do not have to work in the unbearable subzero room for long time because TOMIN works at the normal atmosphere. We are proud of our leading freezing system in terms of function, efficiency, economy, and safety. We assure TOMIN will break through a lot of problems you are now straggling with your freezing system. Take a look at the features and advantages of TOMIN.